A tongue in cheek collection that seats people on conveyor belts.

Designer Woojin Park of Seoul-based 1/plinth Studio uses industrial elements to create products and furniture that blend art and design. For example, projects completed by the studio include coasters made from abrasive disks usually used for polishing and watering cans made from plumbing pipes. For the CNVYR series, the designer chose an unusual element to create chairs and sofas. A tongue in cheek reference to consumerism, the designs literally place people on conveyor belts. The chairs are also modular. They feature detachable steel parts that allow reconfiguration. Steel pipes and angular components come together in different compositions, testing the flexibility and tensile strength of the conveyor belts.

The series comprises prototypes for chairs and lounge chairs as well as a two-seater sofa. The designer also created narrower strips of material that serve as armrests. Made with conveyor belts that range in color from green and blue to gray and black, the seating also features metal frames with a polished finish. Finally, the ingenious bolt assembly system allows users to transform the pieces of furniture as needed. They can change the configuration of the components and reassemble the backrests, seat, and armrests. The designs double as decorative items in a space, inviting users to interact with the furniture and explore different compositions and sculptural expressions. Photography © Son Mihyun.

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