product design

Every product in a home serves a specific purpose, whether it’s an object one uses every day or only occasionally, and thus should provide a balanced blend of function and quality. Product design enables creatives to bring new concepts to life and to solve users’ different needs, sometimes in fresh, innovative ways. Bringing together science and new technology, contemporary product designers create functional objects that also have a decorative purpose, more often than not. On this page, you can browse through some of the most intriguing and ingenious product designs of our time. As varied as they are imaginative, these products are one of a kind.

Product design is a term that encompasses a wide range of objects. For example, here you can find anything from cookware, tableware, and flatware to timepieces, desk accessories, bicycles, and audio systems. Every product has a creative design, whether it’s a minimalist pen or a cutting-edge wireless speaker. Designed for modern homes, these products are often modular, stackable, flexible, adjustable, or specially made to adapt to changing needs over time. Here you can also discover special, limited-edition designs created in collaboration between renowned brands and award-winning artists, architects, chefs, and musicians.

In contemporary design, sustainability is crucial, and this is also the case with product design. Think projects that use natural, ethically produced and sourced materials. Or better yet, research projects that find new ways to use industrial waste, renewable materials, or recycled plastic. Quality also becomes a sustainable feature here, as well-made products last longer and thus eliminate the need to replace them frequently. From brass pens crafted to last a lifetime to cookware designed to be passed to another generation or bikes specially made with standard, easily replaceable parts, these products are created to stand the test of time.

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