Concrete Light Switches and Sockets

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Concrete switches and sockets that provide a more refined and sustainable alternative to plastic.

Based in Hungary, Sekhina is a design company that aims to redefine the ubiquitous light switches and sockets. Transformed into designer features, they can now enhance an interior instead of fulfilling only a practical purpose. Made from concrete, the prototypes offer an elegant as well as sustainable alternative to plastic products. These concrete light switches and sockets have an aesthetically pleasing appearance and provide a tactile feel to the user. Naturally, they look gorgeous in minimalist interiors and alongside other concrete surfaces or concrete lighting. Interior designers can easily make them a part of a room’s decor instead of trying to hide them.

The concrete switches are also handmade, so each product is one-of-a-kind. Natural variations can range from surface bubbles to subtle color variations. Polished terrazzo detailing enhances the minimalist design further and truly make these practical switches and sockets stand out. Custom colors and designs also allow interior designers to add the perfect finishing touch to their projects. The company uses a more eco-friendly mix of concrete for this series, reducing the amount of cement to 25% and adding natural silicates. Free of artificial resins and synthetic components, this concrete material is more sustainable than standard compositions.

Furthermore, Sekhina aims to reduce its carbon footprint and even neutralize it once they enter the market with their innovative collection. “To completely neutralize our carbon footprint, we will be planting trees in cooperation with an environmental organization and get advice from environment-protection specialists before starting mass production to ensure that our impact on the environment can be completely neutralized,” says Gabor Kasza, CEO of Sekhina. Finally, the concrete light switches and sockets have an eco-friendly, water-repellent coating that protects the material and makes cleaning easy at the same time. Photographs© Sekhina.

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