The Heimplanet Motion Ellipse Backpack

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Updated and optimized, the practical backpack now comes with a sustainable fabric and a range of new features.

Established in 2011, German outdoor brand Heimplanet specializes in tents, travel bags, backpacks, and apparel designed to follow the mantra “for every trip and every day.” The company’s name references the word “Heimat”, which describes a place where one feels at home. For adventurers, that can be anywhere around the world. More than just functional items, the brand’s products also draw inspiration from nature and the excitement of traveling. They’re practical and high-quality as well as stylish and versatile. Launched in 2018, the Motion Series now returns with upgraded components as well as a range of optimized features. The Motion Ellipse backpack provides an elegant and convenient solution to travel in comfort and style.

The backpack features an elegantly curved silhouette and minimalist aesthetic. However, its obvious good looks are not even the main selling point. This backpack comes with a sustainable fabric dyed in an eco-friendly process that saves 89% water and 65% CO2. Named Dyecoshell, the material already appears in Heimplanet’s Transit Line, but it’s the first time the brand has used it for the Motion series. The fabric is extremely resistant to abrasions and has an anti-abrasion coating to enhance its durability further. The new Motion Ellipse backpack also features new hardware elements and an elastic front compartment that expands for larger items. 3D back padding improves ventilation and reduces pressure points on the user’s back, but the ergonomic contact surface also enhances comfort.

Other features include an extra compartment for 15’’ laptops or drinking systems of up to 3L, an easy-access pocket for smaller items, and modular hip bags that offer extra storage. Available from mid-August 2020, the Motion Ellipse will cost €125, or around $140. Photographs© Heimplanet.

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