Adam Letch

Cape Town, South Africa

Growing up. I never dreamt of being an astronaut, helicopter pilot or brain surgeon. I have always known exactly what I wanted to do... After matriculating, I enrolled for a Diploma in Graphic Design and subsequently for a National Diploma in Fine Art at the University of Cape Town's Michaelis School of Fine Art (photography major). The school provided an exceptionally creative environment. I thrived there, graduating Cum Laude, with a body of work, which won the Michaelis Prize of that year. I then completed the Advanced Diploma in Fine Art, also with distinction. After my studies, I spent a number of years living in London. My ambitions of being the next Damien Hirst were curbed by the reality of having to survive and make ends meet. I quickly found myself working in the service industry...yes I was a waiter. My saving grace was that I had landed in a tremendously sophisticated restaurant owned by Sir Terrence Conran. It was here that I was exposed to stylish interior design and contemporary trends in cuisine, two areas of major importance and influence to my current creative output. After returning to Cape Town I found myself teaching photography, eventually working up to Head of Photography at leading Cape Town art School. I taught photography for many years, but it becamen clrea that in order to fulfill my true potential, I needed to produce my own creative work. After relinquishing my teaching post, I embarked on a career as a professional freelance photographer and I have not looked back since.

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