Few things are more relaxing than sinking into a wood fired hot tub after a long day, while listening to the chirping of birds, the rustling of leaves, and the cracking of timber logs in the fire. Simple and rustic, a wood burning hot tub provides a practical and easy way to recreate the spa experience at home. A tub works well on its own or alongside a sauna, where it can be also used as a cold plunge pool. In this article, we have gathered some of the most beautifully designed and convenient hot tub designs to help you choose the right one for your outdoor living space – whether it’s a cabin nestled in a forest or a house in an urban setting. Some of these products require DIY assembly, while others come assembled. Either way, all of them are easy to set up quickly. Before we jump into the selection, let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about wood fired tubs.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Do wood fired hot tubs work well?

Wood fired hot tubs heat up water quickly and are durable. They also require little maintenance, although how much maintenance depends on the type of water used and whether or not it contains chlorine. Since these wooden hot tubs work with a wood-burning stove, they are quiet and natural as well as easy to use and install anywhere. DIY fans can also build their own hot tub as the design can vary from extremely simple to more complex.

How long do wood fired hot tubs take to heat?

Depending on the size of the hot tub, bathers will need to wait from between 1.5 and 4-5 hours for the water to heat to 105° F. The process also depends on the type of heating systems you use. For example, an external stove will require more time for the water to warm up, while a submersible wood-fired stove will heat the water quicker.

What are the cons of a wood fired hot tub?

While these types of hot tubs provide plenty of advantages, they also have some cons. Unlike an electric hot tub, wood-fired hot tubs don’t have a way to regulate the water temperature. The user needs to monitor the temperature manually with a thermometer to ensure it remains at safe levels. Another potential con is the fuel. Every time you want to use the hot tub, you need to chop or have timber logs close at hand, in enough supply to maintain the water temperature for longer soaking sessions. If you love DIY stuff, though, these cons are minor.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Do wood fired hot tubs bubble?

Only if you install an air-jet system. Generally, these hot tubs are specially designed with tranquil relaxation in mind. The only sounds you should hear are the cracks of the wood logs as they burn and the noises from the surroundings: birds, leaves, crickets. Many hot tubs come with the option to order them with a hydrotherapy system, whether separately – perfect for DIY projects – or pre-installed.

How much does a wood fired hot tub cost?

The cost of a hot tub depends on its size, materials, and features. For example, you can buy a hot tub for 2 people or up to 12 people, with or without hydrotherapy jets, built-in lighting, side tables, or stairs. In general, prices can range from around $2,000 to over $10,000. Again, you can take the DIY approach and build your own hot tub at a considerably lower price.

How are wood fired hot tubs powered?

As the name implies, a wood fired hot tub is heated by fire and not an electrical system, meaning that it’s perfect for off-grid areas and DIY projects. The wood-burning firebox can be either external or internal. The latter features a protective housing that eliminates the risks of burns. While it heats up the water quicker, an interior stove also reduces the available space.

How do you clean a wood fired hot tub?

You should clean a tub regularly, but how often depends on use (frequency and number of people) and water, as freshwater needs to be changed more frequently than saltwater. As for the interior, after emptying the tub water, you can use a non-abrasive cleaner with a soft sponge to clean the wood without scratching it. You can also mix a mild solution with bleach to disinfect the hot tub between uses, if the water itself is not chlorinated. Ash should be cleaned after each use or every week. For the exterior, you can use natural linseed oil or another timber oil treatment to protect wood siding from the elements and wear.

What is the wood fired hot tub’s capacity?

Seating capacity depends on model and brand, but most hot tubs have a capacity of 2-4 people. Some high-end designs can accommodate up to 10-12 people. As for water capacity, these hot tubs can hold from 200 gallons to around 900 gallons. DIY projects allow the creation of custom hot tubs, but many companies also offer a range of customization options.

Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Koto Hot Tub

A design inspired by the connection between body, mind and nature.

Designed and made by UK-based Koto, the Koto hot tub marks the launch of the brand’s Elements series, with will also include a sauna. Handcrafted with care, this eco-friendly hot tub takes inspiration from traditional spas and from the beauty of nature. The Koto hot tub accommodates 2-4 people and has a capacity of 1,000 liters or 264 gallons. Made with thermowood, it also features heavy duty granite and sturdy tension bands. A matte black finish on the exterior and interior gives this product a modern look. As for extras, Koto offers plenty of features to enhance comfort. It comes with an internal, snorkel boiler heated with wood logs, an ultra-quiet hydro massage system, and an LED safety light. Other features include a stainless steel stove pipe and chimney, a safety fence for the stove, and thermo-treated wood steps.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Goodland Wood Burning Hot Tub

A hot tub inspired by slow living.

Slow living principles – what better source of inspiration for a product that aims to enhance well-being? The brainchild of furniture maker and designer Craig Pearce, who founded Goodland, the wood burning hot tub is as practical as is is sustainable. It’s crafted in Canada from 100% recyclable materials: high quality western red cedar or oak wood, and also comes with marine grade aluminum and brass elements. Unlike most hot tubs, this one has a rectangular rather than circular shape. This soaking tub is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. It can accommodate 2 people and features comfortable seating with back support. The stove is separate from the tub, for extra safety. Finally, the water heats up quickly, from around 90 to 120 minutes.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

The AlumiTub

A blend of aluminum and cedar wood.

An AlumiTubs wood fired hot tub offers the perfect blend of rustic style and high-performance. Made with a marine grade aluminum tub, this product features western red cedar seating and rough cut cedar cladding. Precision-built in Canada to perform exceptionally anywhere, from city gardens to off-grid meadows, the hot tub comes with a submerged aluminum stove with protective fencing. This hot tub also comes with extra insulation that allows users to enjoy a soak outdoors even in extreme winter climates. Additionally, the AlumiTub comes with flanges that allow the use of external heating systems. Crafted to last a lifetime, this hot tub will develop a beautiful patina with use. Comes with free shipping in Canada and the USA.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Tubmarine Wood Fired Tubs

An award-winning design.

We love eco-friendly designs, especially award-winning ones, so we had to include the Tubmarine wood fired tubs in our list. A Carbon Neutral Business since 2021, Tubmarine makes environmentally conscious products that are also beautiful, easy to use, and long-lasting. Their wood fired hot tubs are handmade from steel and Kebony timber. Corrosion resistant and hygienic, the stainless steel is also fully recyclable and contains 80% recycled materials. Likewise, the timber is green, as the company uses only sustainable, fast-growing woods that last and don’t require extra treatment. The Tubmarine wood-fired tubs come in two versions, for 2 or 4-6 people. Both versions boast the same design and quality materials, along with integrated log storage, an integrated stove, a fast-drain valve, and a handmade cover. Plus, they ship worldwide.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Skargards The Panel

A celebration of tradition and contemporary Swedish design.

Named The Panel, the Skarsgards wood-fired tubs combine multi-layered fiberglass with eco-certified Thermowood and steel. The specially thermal treated timber is not only weather-resistant, but also resistant to mold. While inspired by traditional, all-timber hot tubs, The Panel uses reinforced synthetic materials to enhance seating comfort. The interior has an ergonomic shape and a smooth surface to provide ultimate comfort while relaxing in hot water. To speed up the heating time, the brand installed a circular, high-grade stainless steel log-fired stove inside the hot tub. A fence-like wood panel protects users from the stove. The Panel comes in two sizes, for 4-5 or 6-8 people. Shipped fully assembled, this hot tub is ready to use right away.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Weltevree Dutchtub Original

A fun design for a garden or backyard.

Created by designer Floris Schoonderbeek for Dutch design brand Weltevree, The Dutchtub Original is one of the most eye-catching hot tubs from our list. A playful alternative to the classic wood-clad round tubs, the Dutchtub has a hemispherical shape with four sturdy legs. It’s made of fiberglass and features a steel coil that heats up the water thanks to an interior heating basket. Compact and lightweight, this tub is easy to move around an outdoor space. The spacious interior accommodates up to 4 people in complete comfort. The tub has a capacity of 600 liters and heats up in about 3 hours. Alternatively, it doubles as a cold plunge pool. Weltevree offers the Dutchtub in Orange, Olive Green, and Pebble Gray colors.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Weltevree Dutchtub Wood

A wood-clad version of the popular Dutchtub.

Following on the footsteps of its older brother, the Dutchtub Original, the wood-clad version of the popular hot tub offers the same relaxing experience, but in a more rustic look. Like its name implies, the Dutchtub Wood features timber cladding. Weltevree makes the tub with thermally treated ash wood that resists mold, rot and the elements. Designer Floris Schoonderbeek created the tub with a circular form and rectangular timber planks that will develop a darker color over time. Inside, there’s a fiberglass tub with an insulation mat that preserves heat in colder temperatures. Like the original design, this hot tub comes with a steel coil that warms up the water through natural circulation. The user only needs to make a fire inside the steel coil – as the cold water travels through the coil it heats up before flowing down through the spiral into the tub. Weltevree offers a range of accessories for this product, including a side table and a cover.

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Wood Fired Hot Tub Designs to Relax in Style - Gessato

Forest Cooperage Cedar Hot Tub – The Minimalist

A beautifully crafted hot tub.

Designed and made by Canadian company Forest Cooperage, this hot tub is beautifully handcrafted from cedar wood. Cooperage is a highly skilled woodcraft used to make barrels, casks, buckets, and tubs. The brand uses this artisanal technique and top quality cedar wood to produce durable hot tubs. The wood fired Cedar Hot Tub is expertly handmade with a typical coopered barrel build, from premium red cedar with a vertical grain. A built-in bench provides comfortable seating, with optional accessories including external shelving for drinks or an entry ladder. The company offers this tub in three sizes. The Minimalist comes with a submersible wood-burning stove or an electrical stove. Depending on the heating system, it accommodates from 2 to 4 people, and comes with a custom-fitted insulated cover to maintain water temperature and ensure safety.

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