Atelier 37.2

Paris, France

The creative fusion known as 37.2 was birthed from the dynamic meeting of two artistic minds: Francesca Bonesio, an Italian architect, and Nicolas Guiraud, a French photographer. Initiated in 2009, this unique partnership merges their respective fields, focusing on the storytelling potential within spatial relationships. In the Anthropocene era, they view humans as walking ecosystems, identified more by temperature than scale. Their work embodies the spiritual and psychological power of urban, natural, and gallery spaces. 37.2's installations provoke shifts in everyday perception, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Through micro-architectures, land art, inhabited sculptures, and ephemeral art works, the duo creates an immersive experience that stimulates the public's imagination. Bonesio, born in 1976 in Torino, Italy, has a M.A. in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Architectural Restoration from Politecnico of Turin. Guiraud, born in 1970 in Bayonne, France, studied economics and philosophy before becoming a photographer and creative director at Magnum Photos. Together, their works have been exhibited at various prestigious platforms, including the Arles Festival, Palais de Tokyo, and GZ Gallery.

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