An innovative wireless speaker housed in recycled tennis balls.

Founded by Richard Moss, experimental, interdisciplinary design studio Rogue Projects produces cutting-edge work that merges artistic and engineering principles. The firm’s projects also promote environmental awareness and sustainable design. The hearO speaker is a perfect example. Three years in the making, from concept to working prototypes, this wireless speaker blends Richard Moss’ love of tennis and design in one innovative, eco-friendly product. The speaker features an ingenious case, in a world’s first: recycled tennis balls. Moss got the idea to use tennis balls after realizing that hundreds of thousands of tennis balls are retired each year. Determined to defy this short life-span, he started researching potential uses for the tactile object, until he found the perfect one: speakers.

Giving a new purpose to small pieces of tennis history.

Smart, ingenious, and sustainable, hearO also gives new life to pieces of tennis history. These recycled tennis balls from Wimbledon, US Open, and Roland Garros transform into protective shells that also control vibrations and help to produce a warm, rich sound. The team collaborated with expert cutting and audio tech specialists to create the optimal casing for the speaker. The final design has a slanted shape and preserves 75% of the original ball. Using a custom cutting press and 3D-printed nylon cutting guides, the studio converts each tennis ball into an optimized case.

Inside, there’s a Fibonacci pattern speaker grill that enhances sound projection. The streamlined electronic control system has only one button for ease of use. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, hearO comes with a battery that provides up to 7 hours of audio. Each speaker is cut in Northampton from recycled tennis balls and then assembled and packaged in London. The studio offers the design in classic green or in off-white and black versions, with limited-edition speakers also available in the official store. Finally, for each sale, the company plants one tree with The European Nature Trust. Images courtesy of Rogue Projects.

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