Atelier in.vitro

Porto, Portugal

Atelier in.vitro, created by Joana Leandro Vasconcelos in 2007, is a young, dynamic and multidisciplinary structure dedicated to architecture, furniture and graphic design projects. The work undertaken by Atelier in.vitro demonstrate a methodology and an intervention strategy as diverse as the reality and the objectives that each project requires. Only in this way it is possible to answer all the programmatic needs and expectations of each client, giving a personalized response and fulfilling, at the same time, all the economic and time constraints. It is the aim of the Atelier to experience formal and functional solutions, avoiding to establish a constant and identifying language, maintaining, simultaneously, a common thread that enables the interaction between different projects. In this sense, seeks to develop a critical stance in relation to the common processes of approach of architecture in its different forms, dimensions and scales. Partnerships are understood by Atelier as one of the ways to achieve the formal and functional experimentation, as for each project, depending on the customer, program, place and context, a special work team is created. Besides of being a strategic choice, it brings added value to the work performed, namely reciprocity and sharing of knowledge between complementary teams.

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