Clément Brazille

Geneva, Switzerland

French designer Clément Brazille has studied mechanical, environmental and industrial product design. Passionate about exploring the potential and the limits of materials, he takes on a craftsman’s approach and often creates his own designs. The designer’s work features natural materials, including stoneware, porcelain, and ceramic as well as metal, glass, and premium fabrics. Creative and bold, the designs draw attention with their distinct character and minimalist elegance. Apart from his furniture, home accessories, public spaces or interior design work, Clément Brazille also collaborates with leading companies who use the latest technology to create innovative products. The designer has exhibited his work in France as well as in Italy at Salone di Milano, at Design Fair London in the UK, and at various museums and galleries in Switzerland. Clément Brazille currently lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland.

Creative Field

Industrial Design

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