Davide Groppi

Piacenza, Italy

I began working in the field of mechanical design in 1985, but it was only in 1988 that I began conceiving, putting together and selling lamps on my own. I don’t really know why it had to be lamps and not something else. One thing is for sure: lamps gave me a great opportunity to express my personality and make a practical living of it. My first laboratory was a little room in the centre of Piacenza, Italy. Then, in 1994, I had the great fortune of meeting Maddalena De Padova, who, without any explanation, decided to purchase 40 prototypes of one of my lamps (Baloo) and exhibit them at the trade show “Salone del Mobile” in Milano. It was an exciting moment in my career I will never forget because only then did I realise I could be successful at doing what I had dreamed of. After that, I met other people who promised to distribute what I was making. Prestigious companies became interested in my lamps and collaborations with firms such as Boffi, Mutina, Paola Lenti, Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and, more recently, Christofle, helped to create an international distribution network for Davide Groppi creations.

Creative Field

Lighting Design

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