Kiev, Ukraine

FILD is a multidisciplinary studio founded in 2012 by Dan Vakhrameyev. Based in Kiev, Ukraine, the studio takes on various types of projects, from architecture and interior design to branding, while also creating its own furniture and décor products. In 2014, Kateryna Fedorenko brought her fashion industry background and management expertise to the studio, adding her creative vision to the company. FILD’s first collection, SUSTAINABLE ORIGINS, was launched the same year. Created by founder Dan Vakhrameyev, the collection illustrated the company’s creative ethos, featuring seating, furniture, and lighting with clean lines and a minimalist design. In 2015, FILD launched a set of decorative items made of wood, metal and concrete, boasting geometric shapes and a versatile color palette. The studio has collaborated in 2016 with ANOVA to create a minimalist kitchen design. FILD sells its products in Europe, US, Asia, and Australia. Photo by Andrey Bezuglov.

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