The BLT Lighting and Furniture Collection

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Minimalist designs with a creative twist.

Kiev-based multidisciplinary studio FILD creates minimalist and elegant products, furniture, and lighting for a range of clients. The firm’s work puts a focus on beautiful simplicity that always meets function, whether it’s a series of elegant pendant lights or a versatile – and colorful – shelving system. Their new BLT collection follows the same design principles. Drawing inspiration from a simple belt, which also gives the series its name, the products feature a similar design element that connects them, regardless of their purpose: a looped textile belt in different colors.

The range comprises pendant lamps and a wall hook as well as side tables. While the pendant lights feature the belt as a supporting element replacing the classic cable, the tables boast the textile belt seemingly “sprouting” from the center of the powder-coated steel top. The addition of the design element to the table also adds more functionality to the design. The studio designed different lights for this series; some pendants have rounded shades, while others look more futuristic with their rectangular silhouettes and strips of light. Like other FILD projects, this series features a bold use of color and complementing textures. Options include Coral, Almond, and vibrant Blue as well as a more neutral Gray version. Matching hardware and mounting systems complete the designs.

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