The Zarichnyy Apartment

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A cozy and welcoming apartment designed with a minimalist aesthetic and warm wood surfaces.

While Kyiv-based multidisciplinary studio FILD usually focuses on lighting and furniture, sometimes the right project comes along and inspires the two founders to design interiors. The Zarichnyy Apartment is one of these projects. Completed for a married couple, the apartment features a fixed layout as almost all of the walls are load-bearing. This led the team to find ingenious solutions to create an airy space. The interior boasts a minimalist aesthetic with simple, uncluttered spaces that offer complete comfort.

The studio used a minimal color and material palette to highlight the elegant simplicity of the interior. Apart from wooden surfaces, the apartment also features concrete finishes and blue accents. Compact but cozy and welcoming, the apartment features a living room, two home offices, a bathroom, and a bedroom. A newly enlarged hallway along with built-in furniture and storage areas also help to maintain the apartment’s clean look. Simple forms, hidden doors, and subtle handles enhance the simplicity of the design further. The studio used floor-to-ceiling wooden panels to visually raise the ceiling and make the rooms seem larger.

Inspired by Asian minimalism, the kitchen blends function and simplicity. Built-in furniture creates a seamless transition between the kitchen and the living room. A multi-functional modular sofa provides a comfortable space to relax after a long day while ceiling and pendant lights brighten the room with a warm light. The same minimal design continues in the bedroom that also features an ingenious open closet in the entrance way. While originally ultra-compact, the bathroom now looks spacious and modern. Here, the designers used ceramic tiles, concrete and wood; they also installed a custom-made basin, freestanding bath, shower, and storage areas. The lighting in the apartment comes from the FILD collection, while the furniture was custom-made by Verdi Company. Photographs© Andrey Bezuglov.

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