Mikiya Kobayashi

Tokyo, Japan

Mikiya Kobayashi, born in Tokyo, in 1981, established his own studio in 2006. Since his beginnings, Kobayashi's creation process is not focused on the way we use the object but on the sensitivity in the perception of its designs. He is always looking for a singularity in his minimalist shaping. His line is subjective because always sensitive. His first important wood projects enhanced a long relationship between the designer and this material. Already attached to natural resources, the attraction would continue to grow until becoming his first medium. He is actually closely related to his cultural heredity, to the perception he has of his environment. Kobayashi loves to connect this cultural legacy with the new opportunities of our times, in the concepts, the manufacturing process and the technologies that he deals with as much caution as his interest therein. His process, always very close to materials, and his wish to challenge his own methods, have led the studio to conduct a large variety of projects. All the design fields are closely related. The furniture created by a designer sets up in a specific space that he must to anticipate and understand. The first experiences of Kobayashi in space design, in the early times of his career, allows him to increase space projects in his own studio since 2009.

Creative Field

Furniture Design

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