Paola Paronetto

Porcia, Italy

Born in 1965 in Pordenone, designer and artist Paola Paronetto studied ceramics and clay working techniques in Umbria and Tuscany. After years of research and experimentation, she focused on the paper clay technique. Using a blend of clay and paper pulp, Paola Paronetto creates sculptural objects and decorative items with organic textures and tactile qualities. Throughout her career, the designer has worked with architects, interior designers, and renowned furniture brands to create high-end designs ranging from pendants to vases and home accessories. Apart from paper clay objects, Paola Paronetto also creates stoneware and porcelain designs inspired by nature. She has exhibited her artworks and design worldwide, including at the Triennale di Milano, the Museo Mexicano del Diseño in Mexico City, and the Contemporary Ceramics gallery in London. Paola Paronetto currently lives and works in the countryside of Pordenone.

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