A playful and stylish twist on brutalism.

Founded in 2020 by four friends who share the same design philosophy, Project 213A is a Portuguese design brand that aims to produce timeless but also highly distinctive furniture and home accessories. The company’s name refers to the London building where each of the four founders had lived in at different times during their studies. Apart from designing minimalist and modern products that enhance living spaces, the brand also follows sustainable design principles. Every product is responsibly manufactured in Portuguese factories or family-run workshops. In September 2021, the brand launched its first collection, including the striking Mirror Lounge Chair.

Inspired by brutalism, the chair features a minimalist form and clean lines. A glass build softens the hefty brutal silhouette. Finished with a mirrored surface, the lounge chair provides a playful way to create a focal point in a room. While it reflects its surroundings, the Mirror Lounge Chair can never just remain inconspicuous, as the eye-catching design becomes the centerpiece of any space. At the same time, it opens up a range of innovative interior design possibilities. Made from glass, the sculptural Mirror Lounge Chair has a production time of 12 weeks. Photographs © Project 213A.

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