A collection of paper clay objects with juxtaposed cylindrical forms.

In a career that spans more than 30 years, Italian ceramic artist and designer Paola Paronetto has created a wide range of designs and artworks using a special paper clay technique. Her latest Safa collection is no exception. Named after “safa”, a style of turban worn in the Indian subcontinent, the series features juxtaposed cylindrical forms. For this collection, Paola Paronetto used the same paper clay method; one she has adapted and improved after years of research in her studio in the Pordenone countryside. Made with a composite material that combines clay and paper pulp, these objects feature a textured, tactile surface.

The Safa series highlights the raw, organic qualities of the material with earthy hues as well as different cylindrical shapes. The volumes have various sizes and proportions, giving more personality to each object while offering a fun way to create dynamic compositions. The artist has also used color to infuse the paper clay items with a joyful character. Terracotta red and warm orange complement black finishes while splashes of yellow add a bright accent to the designs. The Safa objects also feature white surfaces on the interior. Made with different sizes and heights, from large to compact and from short to tall, the series introduces a cast of playful characters to the world. Photographs© Studio Auber.

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