Philippe Starck

Paris, France

Celebrated designer Philippe Starck has built an impressive career over the decades, completing surprisingly varied projects, more so than perhaps any other designer of his caliber. Someone put the number of his designs at over 10,000, but what astonishes, apart from the creativity and ingenuity of Starck’s work, is the breadth of the projects. From hotels and restaurants to chairs, industrial products, vehicles, accessories and even food – it could be said that Philippe Starck is the ultimate designer, approaching any type of project with the same openness, curiosity and vision. At the center of his design philosophy stands the ‘democratic design’ concept, which aims to make well-designed objects and furniture accessible on a wider scale. Starck’s work often includes environmental, social or political references. Apart from the buildings that permanently beautify cities like Tokyo, New York and Bilboa, his designs can be found in museums like MOMA in New York, Design Museum in London, or the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

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