Rocco Borromini

Sondrio, Italy

Rocco Borromini founded the S.R.B. architecture practice in 2006 in Sondrio, Italy. The young architect continuously cultivates his great passion for beauty, the kind of beauty Benedetto Croce believed could produce a “state of mind free from any practical interest or logic, an impression which is expressed in a pure image, the object of intuition.” In his residential or commercial projects, Borromini seeks to recreate that feeling that is ultimately universal and inherently human. Minimalism and simple beauty can be found throughout the architect’s work. Whether it’s a restored rustic building or a family holiday house in the Alps, the studio uses natural materials and clean lines to achieve the desired aesthetic. Natural stone and wood and a close connection to nature create living spaces that are, in the words of John Ruskin, “the place of Peace.”

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