Tom Givone

New York, NY United States

Givonehome is an architecture practice founded by Tom Givone, with offices in Manhattan and the Catskill Mountains. A self-taught architect, Givone fell in love with architecture and home design on his first house restoration project. His studio now specializes in the development of country farmhouses and city townhouses, with a focus on salvaging and reviving 19th century properties. Throughout the architect’s work, historic and modern industrial styles blend in a harmonious marriage of old and new, each enhancing the beauty of the other. History is celebrated through the integration of restored original parts in the modern living spaces, creating a contrast between vintage and raw on one side and refined and modernist on the other. Avant-garde elements also appear in numerous projects, a notable example being the Twist Farmhouse that features a torqued-volume section. Tom Givone’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Dwell Magazine, and Porsche’s series “Powered by Design”, among others.

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