Andrew Berman

New York, NY United States

Andrew Berman Architect is a New York City-based practice focused on the realization of unique and finely executed buildings and public spaces. Since 1995 the practice has worked on a wide range of project types and scales for diverse clients; public, institutional, and private. Each commission is approached on its own unique terms through an intense engagement with user and site, drawing on the practice’s broad range of experiences in design and construction. Andrew Berman and a team of architects have worked collaboratively from conceptual design through construction to ensure the design intent is completely realized through the constructed work on each of our institutional projects. Andrew Berman Architect’s work is defined by unique spaces and structures designed to resolve complex programs and sites. Each project is inextricably of its place. Each project speaks of its client, their culture, and programmatic needs. The building’s construction is intrinsic to its meaning and presence, as well as its practical resolution. Materials are invested with purpose. They come alive in the light, and gain character over time through use and weathering.

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