Torino, Italy

Archisbang is a dynamic architecture studio specializing in educational, cultural, workplace, and residential projects, with a strong focus on sustainable redevelopment of existing structures. Founded in 2008 with the experimental project Nylon 6, the studio has gained recognition for its innovative approach to architecture. Led by founders Marco Giai Via, Silvia Minutolo, and Alberto Perino, along with junior partners Eugenio Chironna and Gueorgui Djarov, Archisbang has won several prestigious competitions. Notable projects include the renovation of the Giovanni Pascoli Secondary School and the construction of the Panzacchi Middle School. The studio was recognized by Casabella as one of Italy's top emerging firms in 2021, and continues to excel in designing functional, sustainable spaces, as demonstrated by their recent successes in the national Scuola Futura competition.

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