A collection of contemporary doormats that are both stylish and made with sustainability in mind.

Founded by husband and wife Thoralf Lian and Sonja Djønne, Heymat is a Norwegian brand that was born out of a need for a reliable solution to an everyday problem. Living in northern Norway, the couple discovered that their industrial mat managed to successfully keep their home clear of dirt, wet shoe prints, and debris, but at the cost of aesthetics. The two decided to create a collection of contemporary doormats that not only offered high performance, but also looked good. Sharing a passion for design, they also used their experience running an industrial mat cleaning business to produce quality products. The name of Heymat references the expression “heimatt”, which translates to “return home” in Norwegian.

Collaborating with talented designers, the brand’s collection of design-led, contemporary doormats provide the right blend of style and function. Following the first range launched in 2016, Heymat has later introduced an array of designs that are both high-q+uality and an embodiment of the best of Scandinavian design. Following the mantra “every home has a story to tell”, all Heymat contemporary doormats tell a story.

Additionally, the products complement their beautiful designs with eco-friendly materials. To make the textile layer, the company uses 100% recycled PET, made from recycled plastic bottles. Both durable and practical, the textile layer has moisture absorption and dirt-trapping properties. At the same time, these mats dry quickly. Every Heymat product features a non-slip rubber backing that prevents moisture from infiltrating floors. The Heymat collection of contemporary doormats provides an elegant solution to keep a home cleaner.

Beautiful designs inspired by nature and design.

Whether designed with monochrome or multi-color palettes, with or without patterns, with geometric shapes or flowing organic forms, all these mats spin their own yarns. Created by Caroline Olsson, the Eine, Blåne, and Hagl collection reference nature. While Eine recreates light falling on juniper needles, Blåne features stylized mountainous landscapes in different seasons. Hagl features geometric patterns inspired by winter. Vera & Kyte has created a series of gradient mats that also reference light in nature; more specifically, light that illuminates moss, rock formations, or the waves of an ocean. The studio has also designed the Loom collection, which references the graph paper sketches of the Bauhaus textile designers Anni Albers and Gunta Stolzl.

Other Heymat contemporary doormats include several collections designed by Kristine Five Melvær. While Sand and Stein draw inspiration from Japanese Zen gardens, Strå recreates waves of grass swaying in the summer breeze. And these are only a few of the available designs. Discover some of the best contemporary doormats from the Heymat collection in the Gessato Design Store. Photographs © Heymat.

Heymat Doormats

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