Arrhov Frick

Stockholm, Sweden

Johan Arrhov and Henrik Frick, alumni of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, established the Stockholm-based Arrhov Frick architectural studio in 2010, with Carlos Nieto joining as a partner in 2017. Renowned for their pragmatic yet innovative approach to design, the studio focuses on creating architecture that enhances everyday life while maintaining a balance between simplicity and complexity. Their work, characterized by a reduction to fundamental elements, emphasizes functional efficiency and construction logic. This ethos extends to supporting adaptable infrastructures, advocating for sustainability and long-term viability in the building industry. Arrhov Frick has been recognized for their excellence, including being named 'Architect of the Year' by Residence magazine in 2018, the same year they were featured in a monographic issue by 2G International Architectural Magazine. Their commitment to architectural discourse extends globally through lectures, teaching, and their work's international publication and exhibition.

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