Inspired by ancient vessels, these modern glass oil lamps are crafted by hand according to Bohemian glassware traditions.

Growing up in the mountainous landscapes of northern Italy, Laura Ercole was surrounded by nature from an early age. Her family business also gave her the opportunity to get familiar with artisan skills and traditional craftsmanship. Years later, she founded Aki Lamps. Influenced by Ercole’s background, the collection of modern glass oil lamps takes inspiration from nature, handmade techniques, and history. Re-imagining ancient vessels and objects used more than 15,000 years ago, the Aki range offers a contemporary Italian twist on age-old oil lamps which had central roles in many rituals, ceremonies, and cultural events. Even today, the oil lamp accompanies various rituals around the world, burning in Hindu temples, Japanese shrines, or at Diwali celebrations. Vintage-style interiors also sometimes feature oil-based lamps.

In the Aki glass oil lamps range, Laura Ercole translated the solemnity of the traditional forms into fresh and elegant lamps that double as glass sculptures. The entire Aki collection aims to encourage moments of relaxation, calm, and meditation. Part of self-care rituals in a world where life runs at a fast pace, these modern oil lamps help the user slow down, become more mindful, and enjoy living in the present moment. The act of lighting the wick by hand starts this process, along with the tactile surface of the glass oil lamps. Subtle scents and soft shadows cast across the surrounding space enrich the experience further. The brand’s name comes from Japanese; it translates to “sparkle”, “bright”, “hope” and “autumn” in Japanese, giving a deeper layer to these glass objects. At the same time, the minimalist Italian design references the beautiful simplicity of Japanese objects, furniture, and interiors.

Impeccable craftsmanship that transforms modern oil lamps into heirloom items.

While designed by Laura Ercole in Italy, the Aki collection comes to life in the Czech Republic. There, master glassware artisans make every Aki lamp by hand. Crafted with care following traditional Bohemian glassware techniques that use birch wood molds, these oil glass lamps also feature hand-finished surfaces. Apart from the handmade vessel, the Aki lamps feature metal wick holders and organic cotton wicks, both of them made in Italy. Eco-friendly packaging that includes beautifully designed cardboard boxes and recycled wrapping and tissue paper makes the Aki modern oil lamps the perfect gift.

A collection inspired by nature and the beauty of different landscapes around the world.

The Aki glass oil lamps come in a wide range of colors, from vibrant to more subdued. The True Collection comprises lamps with a transparent finish. This range features a shiny surface and hues that range from smoky gray to amber, amethyst, azure, and emerald. A clear lamp is also included. In the Misty Collection, the glass has a frosted surface that obscures the wick but still lets the light enliven the glass vessel. To make this range, Aki uses products with minor defects. Instead of melting them, the brand reclaims the lamps and finishes them with a matte coating. This finish hides any imperfections and gives a different character to the classic Aki lamp.

The Journey Collection features opaque glass with a shiny surface. Like its name suggests, this range aims to take the user on a journey. While the vibrant colors reference distant landscapes with vast oceans, endless deserts, and wild forests, the softer colors take inspiration from Prague’s architecture. Aki also offers welcome sets that include a lamp, lamp oil, a funnel, wicks, and long matches. Sets with two lamps, including in different sizes and colors, are also available. Discover the Aki modern oil lamps in the Gessato Design Store. Photographs © Aki Lamps.

Aki Glass Oil Lamps

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