Baracco + Wright

Melbourne, Australia

Baracco+Wright Architects, led by Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright, is a multidisciplinary studio recognized for its innovative and broad-based approach to architectural design. They embrace the belief that architecture extends beyond individual buildings, viewing each project through the lens of its constituent parts and overall integrity, as well as its contribution to the wider discourse of architecture. Operating across varied locations, from bustling urban centers to delicate rural and coastal environments, Baracco+Wright Architects delve into the art of creating architecture that is generous, opportunistic, and harmoniously connected to both the physical and abstract dimensions of its context. They see the potential in small interventions to cause large-scale transformations. Their practice is defined by a holistic worldview where a structure may not always be the answer but focuses on the value of land occupation. With a preference for simple geometries and restrained material palettes, they design environments that foreground spatial conditions and thrive on their relationship with the landscape. Baracco+Wright Architects seamlessly incorporate academic and practice-based research across disciplines influencing the built environment, aiming to identify ways in which architectural design can make meaningful contributions. Their work eloquently testifies to this mission, reflecting a profound understanding of the role of architecture in shaping the world.

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