Kerstin Thompson Architects

Melbourne, Australia

KTA was established in 1994. Its work covers architecture, interior design, landscape and urban design, and includes art and design education. KTA’s work spans all scales, ranging from large institutional buildings to small residential dwellings. Their work includes everything from art galleries and universities to police stations and commercial fit outs. Some of their notable works include the Napier Street Housing project, which won the Victorian Architecture Award in 2010, and the House at Big Hill, which won the Victorian Institute of Architects award in 2013. Other projects include the Heritage Apartments in the former Channel Nine Studios in Bendigo Street, the Visitor Centre for the Australian Garden at RBA Gardens, and the Marysville and Carum Downs Police Stations. Our projects are unique to the client, environment and purpose at hand. We like to think of them as portraits; unique and personal to the client, environment, and purpose at hand, focusing on an enjoyment of place and sustainability.

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