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Spaces tell a story, whether it’s checking into a room at a hotel or having a cocktail in a local restaurant.  They are destinations that draw people to the doorstep and transports them to a place which is out of routine. BRAND designs spaces through storytelling, creating a narrative with key elements and visual cues which create meaning, ultimately making the guest a part of the space as they engage and unfold the story.  That is why every element of a space is important to create a central narrative.  BRAND offers a cohesive design, collaborating interior design with architecture and graphics creating a seamless, holistic approach to design.  Our concept-driven design takes modern sensibility with an eclectic & inclusive design which creates a psychological and emotional thread in the space. As a local design firm, BRAND has the ability to utilize regional resources & review construction. BRAND offers full service interior design which begins with concept design, space planning & analysis to construction administration & furniture installation.  What makes BRAND different from other design firms is offering full construction documentation, codes analysis, building documentation, BOMA calculations and interior architectural detailing.  Our documentation platform is the latest in the architecture industry which makes 3D visualization and collaboration with other trades seamless.  All of these resources makes our design complete from the smallest detail completing the larger picture.

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