Chris Briffa Architects

Valletta, Malta

Chris Briffa, born in Birgu in 1974, is a highly accomplished Maltese architect who established his eponymous studio in Valletta in 2004. His design approach ingeniously fuses elements from the past with modern aesthetics, creating a seamless transition between art and architecture. Renowned for his emphasis on proportion, materiality, and intricate details, Briffa's portfolio spans product design, traditional artefacts reinterpretation, and new construction. Alongside local hospitality, residential, and public projects, the studio is involved in international endeavours. Briffa's commitment to raising design awareness is manifested in his organisation of workshops and exhibitions across Malta and Gozo. An alumnus of Virginia Tech, Politecnico di Milano, and the University of Malta, Briffa has tutored numerous students within the latter's Faculty of the Built Environment. He currently lives in Valletta with his family.

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