Varese, Italy

Nicoletta Binello and Paolo Gelso, the visionary architects behind duearchitetti, share more than a practice; they share an ethos. Binello, born in Rome in 1964, earned her architecture degree from La Sapienza University in 1992. She initially ran an independent practice in Rome before moving to Varese in 1997. Gelso, a Varese native born in 1968, graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 1993-94. He furthered his education with studies in Northern Europe and Australia, participating in the 2006 Glenn Murcutt Master Class in Sydney. The duo founded duearchitetti in Varese in 2012, uniting their distinct but compatible visions. They are adamant that architecture should not only offer spatial solutions but also spark emotions in people. For them, environmental elements like light, warmth, and landscape beauty enrich the architectural experience. Their philosophy also nods to the 'hard core of beauty,' inspired by Peter Zumthor, focusing on the sincerity of materials and spatial proportions. Complexity, in their eyes, finds its resolution in simplicity, marking the endpoint of a long, meticulous design journey. Their practice balances experience and imagination, aiming for designs that feel both complete and soulful.

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