Isern Serra

Barcelona, Spain

Based in Barcelona's vibrant 22@ district, Isern Serra established his eponymous architecture studio in 2008. Known for his dynamic approach to interior design, exhibition installations, and industrial design, Serra brings a wealth of international experience to his craft. His journey began at Eina, Barcelona, and after a formative year at the Polytechnic University of Milan, he further honed his skills at Fractal in Belgium. Here, he developed a keen sense for innovative design, a signature style he would later bring back to his homeland. Upon his return to Barcelona in 2005, Serra's work under the tutelage of Antoni Arola sparked a fascination with light and exhibition spaces, inspiring a unique direction for his design portfolio. His practice, now shared with a collaborative team of creatives from various disciplines, champions diversity in design. This results in an eclectic mix of projects and a client base that spans both public and private sectors, including Sala Canal Isabel II, BCD, Palau Robert, and CaixaForum. Serra's work has illuminated the global stage, with exhibitions from Barcelona to Beijing. Notably, his innovative design vision won him the opportunity to reimagine the science museum at Cosmocaixa in Barcelona, while his stand designs have impressed at the Milan Fair. With each new project, the Isern Serra Studio remains committed to an ethos of simplicity and honesty, illuminating each design with a unique character and identity.

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