GRT Architects

Brooklyn, NY United States

We met in third grade. From public school in 1988 we followed a similar but not identical path. We studied history and worked in the arts before becoming designers and this has been important to our young firm, GRT Architects. We believe our best work comes from a process that makes time to read and think before putting pencil to paper. Since founding GRT in 2014, we have slowly grown our Brooklyn office to engage new project types every year. Our work has expanded from an early focus adapting historic buildings in New York City to include collaborations with artists and galleries, commercial and hospitality spaces across the US, freestanding homes and commercial buildings, product design, volunteer work and teaching. Our trademark is work that marries confidently voiced aesthetics with technical excellence, often alongside or in dialog with a historical fabric. Not all our work involves old buildings but everything we do has an awareness of the vast visual and material culture in which it is situated. GRT is an office built on built work. We are makers who experiment with materials and are hands-on during construction, often building our own prototypes and overseeing fabrication of specialty components.

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