Grzywinski+Pons Ltd

New York, NY United States

Grzywinski+Pons Ltd is a New York City based practice led by principals Matthew Grzywinski and Amador Pons. Our practice is committed to design excellence predicated on quality, beauty, innovation and a rigorous approach to detail. Dedication to this pursuit has led to significant levels of international experience in designing and administrating the construction of the built environment. With each commission, while anchored in a specific site and circumstance, Grzywinski+Pons endeavors to serve the programmatic and functional essence of the project through the application of concept driven design. Elements like light, form, means of circulation and material selection address function, aesthetic and experience cohesively. We treat project constraints as opportunities to catalyze innovation. Every commission is rife with challenges - zoning restrictions, code, budget, schedule, even political concerns. Our process engages these realities as inspiration rather than impediment, yielding results that transcend preconceived solutions and avoid the pitfalls of innovation for innovation’s sake. As LEED accredited professionals Grzywinski+Pons embrace principles of sustainability in our design. We have developed a diverse body of built work including retail, commercial, hospitality and residential commissions which have garnered international attention and acclaim.

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