Seattle, WA United States

​Founded in 1999, Heliotrope has gained acclaim for a portfolio of bespoke residential and commercial commissions that have made a deep, lasting impact on the city of Seattle, the Northwest region, and beyond. Named after the heliotrope flower of myth, which orients itself towards the sun, we turn towards the idea that there is an intangible something that makes an exceptional place. This intangible quality begins with a commitment to what is deeply human. It starts with the context of you. What will being here mean? What will being here connect you to? For us, this work also demands a promise to do right by the land. We seek design solutions that are low-impact, sustainable, and improve the sites where they exist. Lastly, an exceptional place must be rooted in the present and committed to the future. We strive for lasting resonance. Quality that weathers. A sense of heritage that is built in from the beginning. Exceptional places change us. And that’s exactly why we set out to make them—in commitment to the land, in service to the future, and in ongoing conversation with you.

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