Ishka Designs

Brooklyn, NY United States

We design luxury ecosystems. An Elle Decor A-List firm (2019-2021), Ishka Designs is a full-service interior design firm based in Brooklyn, New York. Our heritage-informed body of work is a signature expression of minimal and unrefined natural lines combined to create artful, bespoke, mindful, simplistic, timeless luxury ecosystems for global clientele. It is an ongoing exploration of artfulness, minimalism, and sustainability creating longevity.

Each project in the IDI portfolio reflects the personality of clients and/or their brands, while expounding on the firm’s endemic principles. The continuous, familiar thread across IDI’s portfolio speaks to the niche that IDI has cultivated for itself within the design industry since its founding in 2007. Doing our part in contributing to sustainable community development throughout the timeline of a project and beyond, IDI’s designs are formed through extensive collaborations and long-term relationships with local partners, artisans, and vendors with an aim to continually build community and with consciousness of the firm’s impact.

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