Kim Høltermand

Copenhagen, Denmark

B. 1977, Kim Høltermand is a photographer from Denmark, based in Copenhagen. Focusing mainly on architecture, Kim works with elements such as composition, space, light and mood. Be it exterior, interior, contemporary art or landscape, he creates a unique and new take on architectural photography. With a strong and recognizable style influenced by contemporary and classic architectural photography, much of his work bares heavy references to masters of architectural photography; Julius Shulman, Ezra Stoller and Balthazar Korab but also takes inspiration from cinema - more specifically directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Ridley Scott, David Lynch and Andrei Tarkovsky. Besides working as a photographer, Kim is also the founder and curator of Nowhere Diary.

Since 2018, Kim has curated Nowhere Diary, promoting the work of photographers, telling their stories and featuring their books on photography. Kim wanted to create a unique platform for photography and for photographers, a place to share the many stories and memories found in photographs, a place to inspire others and a place to help the growth and development of photographers. By promoting and sharing the work of photographers through Nowhere Diary, Kim is hopefully helping more people learn and discover photography in all its aspects — from everyday documenting to exhibitions and book publishing.

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Architecture Photographers

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