Marco Ciarlo Associati

Altare, Italy

Marco Ciarlo (born Savona, 1961) graduated at the Faculty of architecture at the University of Genoa and started working as an architect in 1988. Since 1993, he has worked alongside two other architects, Fabrizio Melano (born Savona, 1968) and Giampiero Negro (born Savona, 1968), with whom he founded the marcociarloassociati studio in 2004. Ciarlo’s career has included various experiences, including his all-important education and practical experience in art: research into the image and materials – for example his collaboration with the master glass-blowers of Altare (Province of Savona) – with whom he has worked for a long time and who still contribute to his professional work today. His work is distinctive in terms of the considerable number of works completed – unusual for an Italian architect of his generation – and the fact that his work involves many different fields which continually intertwine: projects to regenerate urban sites and landscapes, restoring historic buildings and rejuvenating obsolete objects, completely redesigning interiors and whole buildings. Many of the buildings are quite small and, up to now, have been concentrated in the immediate vicinity of the marcociarloassociati studio.

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