Pedevilla Architects

Brunico, Italy

We build with local materials, with local craftsmen and the characters of the people who live here. It's not an intellectual matter, it's an emotional one: we want to give our projects the opportunity to age gracefully." For Pedevilla Architekten, building means consciously dealing with the social, cultural, economic and ecological components of everyday life. Integrating a building into existing local structures plays just as important a role as responding to the respective temperature and climate influences. In this context, the issue of consistency becomes an important factor in planning decisions. "For us, it's about the cycles of the materials used, their durability and lifespan, but also about traditional methods of craftsmanship, about knowledge that was thought lost; but above all about the fact that materials are alive." The internationally oriented architecture office is located in the center of the city of Bruneck. A team of ten, made up of architects from different nationalities, works there in a residence from the 15th century. The majority of the team has grown professionally with and at Pedevilla Architects, which enables a well-rehearsed and strong cooperation. The diverse background and the skills of all employees open up a wide range of working methods, which guarantees the implementation of interdisciplinary projects at the highest level.  

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