Tim Van de Velde

Brussels, Belgium

I've been specializing in architectural, interior and documentary photography focusing on the built environment and landscapes. In architecture, whether the designs are high-brow, low profile, high-end or small budget, I always look to translate it into a personal & compelling set of images. Every subject or commission is approached with the right sensitivity, with a focus both on the broader context and compositional patterns. A lot of attention is being spent to the existing light and waiting on the right circumstances for each shot. Feature shoots are intended to translate the architectural merites into a documented set of images. I'm mainly working as a commissioned photographer for architectural practices, government quality chambers or editorial clients. Oh... and you might have noticed I have an ever slumbering passion for modernist and historical architecture. In my free work, I focus on landscapes and the sometimes ambiguous relation between nature and built environment and social structures. With a special interest into the seemingly banalities that deserve a second glance.

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Architecture Photographers



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