Inspired by artworks that depict nature scenes, this Corten steel bird feeder frames birds like a painting.

Dutch design firm Studio Frederik Roijé creates products that always tell a story, whether it’s a birdhouse and feeder inspired by architecture or a fun magazine holder that recreates the silhouette of a pet. Every project blends style and function while enhancing the decor of living spaces – whether indoors or outdoors. “For me, designing is pure craftsmanship that results in a physical product: a fusion of quality, ability and beauty. A product that serves a human and decorates the living environment,” says Frederik Roijé. For the Framed Feeder, the designer took inspiration from nature paintings. Shaped like a frame, the bird feeder has a rectangular form and a pillar-like support.

The Corten steel structure boasts flexible, leaf-shaped openings on all sides that allow the user to place either twigs or food through the frame. Inside, a rounded porcelain bowl provides an easy way to attract birds with fresh water or seeds. Like other products made by the studio, the Frame Feeder is crafted with both durability and sustainability in mind. The firm collaborates with local craftspeople to produce every bird feeder to the highest standards of quality. At the same time, the locally made products have a lower carbon footprint. The Framed Feeder also comes flat-packed to reduce the amount of packaging. Easy to assemble, this bird feeder doesn’t require the use of any extra tools. Finally, the Corten steel will corrode further in a garden or outdoor living space, creating a protective layer that prolongs the life of the product. More info and buy >

Framed Feeder

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