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Greenpoint Gin

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A New York-style gin handcrafted from organic botanicals and CBD.

Amsterdam-based Greenpoint Gin looked to the past for inspiration to create their one-of-a-kind gin. More specifically, to 1621 and the Dutch Genever that arrived to New Amsterdam via the Dutch Trading Company. Two decades later, the Dutch spirit transformed into a new kind of gin in the city that later became New York. More vibrant and botanical than traditional European gin, this New York-style spirit provided the source of inspiration for the new Greenpoint Gin. The idea came to the company’s founders in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, but this spirit is handcrafted and distilled in the birthplace of gin, Amsterdam. The brand produces the spirit in small, limited-edition batches using only premium quality ingredients.

Each bottle of Greenpoint Gin features a blend of organic botanicals and CBD. Found in hemp, this naturally occurring compound is not psychoactive but helps the body and mind to relax. To make the gin, the company uses a combination of 11 organic flowers, berries, and roots, all carefully chosen to complement each other and the organically grown CBD extract. Among them, chamomile, juniper, elderberry, angelica, valerian, and linden blossom. All of the botanicals come from the Netherlands.

Apart from a fresh recipe that delights the taste buds, Greenpoint Gin is also easy on the eyes. The bottle has a modern and minimal label. Stylish details give subtle nods to the distillery process and to nature. The “G” logo resembles a copper still, while the color palette boasts green hues that reference the botanical ingredients. Finally, Greepoint Gin finishes the bottles by hand for that artisan touch. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy with a beautifully designed glass. Photography© Greenpoint Gin.

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