Introducing The FJ Company “Sport” Land Cruiser

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A beloved car with an impressive history, the Land Cruiser doesn’t show any sign of fading away. On the contrary, this icon seems more visible now than ever before. And automotive fans have brands like Miami-based The FJ Company to thank for that. Working exclusively with the Toyota FJ20, FJ40, and FJ60 series, this dedicated team builds gem after gem. Now, the company takes things to another level with the new Land Cruiser “Sport” which maintains the classic good looks of the 40-series, but adds a range of features to please modern drivers. Ideal for both city driving, highway road trips, and off-road adventures, the new car balances the iconic appearance of the original with versatility and impressive performance.

The FJ Company Sport has the same chassis and steel body of a Toyota Land Cruiser, but has numerous upgrades hiding under the surface. The new engine packs a punch – it’s a modern Toyota fuel-injected engine, 6 electronic fuel injected motor rated at 210hp. A manual or automatic 5-speed transmission makes driving on the highway a breeze, while the Performance Steering System ensures optimal accuracy. An upgraded suspension also smooths out bumps on the road.

The cabin blends comfort and style. It has air conditioning, cozy seats, and digital classic-style controls, with optional LED lighting, premium sound systems, seat heating, or rear-view camera systems also available. But perhaps the most exciting thing about the new FJ Company Sport is its “blank canvas” feature which offers clients the option to customize just about any aspect of the iconic car. If you want to find out more about the new series check out the company’s official website. There you’ll also find some gorgeous examples of recently completed custom builds. Images copyright and courtesy of The FJ Company.

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