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LAST Toys by Nicolo Bottarelli of ALBURNO

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Our long time friend Nicolo’ Bottarelli of Alburno  just sent us this beautiful collection of wooden toys he designs and hand makes in his studio in Italy. They are called the LAST toys, they are designed specifically for children with the intention of bringing awareness to the extinction of animals that have disappeared or are disappearing due to men’s wrong behavior. Traditional techniques and craftsmanship were used to tell the life story of three animals that are characterized by fantastic names and form which are also highly representative for the project. The DODO is the bird icon of extinct animals, the TILACINO is reminiscent of a dog, and the BAIJI is a dolphin native to China. Each of the animals is made using simple shapes that show their most characteristic aspects stimulating the interest and imagination of the child, also equipped with wheels.

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