Urban street furniture designed with a modular build.

Seoul-based design studio Superkomma has designed a series of modular stools that aim to provide an easy way to create laid-back, social spaces in urban settings. The name of Conecto refers both to the design’s modules that link to create a unitary object and to the furniture’s goal of bringing people together. Crafted from two contrasting materials, the Conecto stool features a circular base made from textured concrete and a top made from translucent acrylic. The materials create a play between transparencies as well as between different tactile surfaces. While concrete has a weighty feel, the acrylic is softer, providing a practical solution for the seat. Additionally, the concrete boasts a typical gray, textured surface. By contrast, the acrylic comes in brighter colors or in more neutral hues.

Modular concrete furniture, outdoor stool

For the first design in the series, the studio create a circular stool with two components. The modular design allows users to assemble the stool in different ways. They can also add other modules between the two half cylinders or alongside them. As a result, Conecto can become a larger piece of furniture that invites more people to sit together. The bench allows users to sit either facing each other or side by side, but they can also sit back to back in a public space. The acrylic tops come in different shapes and sizes, to create rectangular, circular, or triangular seating areas, depending on the base. To make Conecto, the studio used eco-friendly and high-strength UHPC concrete that has no harmful compounds. In the future, Superkomma aims to make the manufacturing process even more sustainable by using recycled and waste materials. Photography © Superkomma.

Modular concrete furniture, cement and plexiglass

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