A collection of minimalist furniture inspired by the simplicity of a walking stick.

Belgian interior designer Nathalie Deboel creates quiet, balanced living spaces that sing with their simple elegance. Her first furniture collection follows the same design principles. Inspired by the simplicity and utilitarian nature of a walking stick, she designed the Nomad furniture range with wooden poles. The idea for the collection came to her in early 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown. “My many walks in nature brought inspiration and clarity to my thinking. Simplicity in design, materiality and connections became the thread of the Nomad collection.”

The handcrafted collection aims to become a “traveling companion” for people with modern lifestyles who often move from one apartment to another. At the same time, the pieces of furniture feature a simple assembly method that doesn’t require any screws or bolts. The user can easily put together the cylindrical poles and flat panels to create the bookshelf, armchair, daybed, and tables. Elements easily slide into one another, making it easy to both install the pieces and to take them apart when needed. The minimalist forms also make the line incredibly versatile and timeless, as the furniture fits into any interior and décor with ease.

Crafted by hand from oak or walnut, the Nomad designs feature only subtle brass details that also fulfill a purpose. For example, the bookshelf unit comes with brass feet that allow the user to adjust the height slightly. The daybed and the armchair also boast boxy cushions that mirror the clean lines of the wooden frames. Finally, the designer created two tables with rectangular and round tops. Photographs© Thomas De Bruyne.

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