Shelving design can make or break a room, especially in a compact space where every bit of floor and wall space matters. Designers often come up with clever solutions to offer the perfect balance between convenience, flexibility, and style. On this page, you can find some of the most ingenious designs made by some of the world’s most talented creatives. While they vary in style and functional features, every one of these projects are specially designed with modern living spaces and modern lifestyles in mind.


Unlike classic shelving systems made of wood, contemporary shelving design makes the most of modern materials and technologies. For example, some shelving units feature a concrete build with rectangular volumes. Other modular designs allow the user to adapt the shelving to different needs and create different compositions that not only optimize function but also maximize visual impact. Sculptural designs that double as decorative accents transform organizing items on a shelf into an art. Systems that allow easy customization, whether in terms of layout or materials and finishes, provide the perfect solution to adapt a shelving unit to a specific space.


Whether designed with multiple shelves to cover an entire wall or with only a few geometric volumes, modern shelving design always maximizes function. Think easy to assemble units that are also easy to disassemble for a house move; flexible and modular designs that adjust to changing needs over time; or multi-functional designs that save floor space at the same time. Crafted using the latest technologies or traditional craftsmanship, these shelving units are often made to be a part of a home for a lifetime.

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    A practical and elegant storage system with seven stackable drawers. Every home needs practical storage…