A creatively designed furniture range inspired by the sculptures of Constantin Brancusi.

Introduced at ZⓢONAMACO 2020, Latin America’s most prestigious art and design fair, Noviembre (November) is a creative and refined furniture collection. Mexico City-based designer Joel Escalona designed the range exclusively for BREUER. Apart from setting new design principles for the brand, the line also marks the designer’s recent appointment as BREUER’s Creative Director. Inspired by Constantin Brancusi’s creative values and vision, the Noviembre furniture collection references the work of the influential modernist artist. Simplified, curved forms combine with clean lines in almost abstract compositions. The designer also sought to explore the possibility of relaying an emotion or sensation with the meaning of an object instead of physical appearance. Opulent and bold as well as sculptural and graceful, the designs invite the user to ponder the essence of things.

The collection includes an array of products meant to beautify modern living spaces. Apart from dining chairs, lounge chairs, and stools, the range also includes dining tables, side tables, and coffee tables. Bookshelves and wall-mounted shelf units provide an elegant storage solution. Finally, decorative pieces and sculptures complete the line-up and give a nod to the collection’s source of inspiration. While almost exclusively made from wood, the products from the Noviembre furniture collection also feature marble and leather details. Customers can choose between natural or black options, with some designs combining light and dark finishes. Photographs© Mariana Achach and Joel Escalona.

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