A popular furniture collection inspired by an error.

Designed by Philippe Malouin for New Zealand-based design brand Resident, the successful Offset collection features a creative detail that sets it apart from other furniture designs. The designer created the concept for the popular range after making a mistake while crafting a piece of furniture by hand. More specifically, drilling a hole in an offset position by accident. Inspired by this quirky feature, he designed a larger table and seating collection that features off-center legs. Resident has recently added two new products to the range: the Offset Bench and the Offset Shelves. The two new designs join the dining table, coffee table and stool/side table from the same line.

Made with off-center threaded connectors, the bench and shelving unit allow the user to position the legs in a custom resting position. For example, the Offset Bench features these off-center threaded connectors on each leg. The user thus can adjust them as needed. Made from solid oak, the bench is heavy-duty and durable. While the legs are hefty and cylindrical, the top boasts rounded corners. The design is also incredibly versatile. “I use benches a lot, actually, in the entrance and to put plants on a bench either at the base of the bed or behind the sofa instead of having side tables,” says Phillippe Malouin.

Likewise, the Offset Shelves come with individually adjustable legs. Crafted with durability in mind, this storage and display unit has a heavy-duty build that also allows the user to display heavier books and objects. Made from solid oak, the bench and the shelves come in two versions: Natural and Umber. The shelving unit also comes in two lengths and with one or two levels. Both designs suit residential or commercial spaces. Photography© Resident.

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