Handmade ceramics that are as beautiful as they are practical.

Growing up with a mother who valued handmade ceramics and the way they could make a family dining table feel cozy and welcoming, Alex Gabriels fell in love with the art of crafting ceramics from childhood. Years later, while working as an art director in advertising, she realized she wanted to express her creativity in a different way. More specifically, with a more hands-on approach. She studied artistic and then functional ceramics and created her own workshop in the newly built family home in Belgium. Featuring large windows, the studio opens to a woodland. Here, Alex Gabriels creates every one of her ceramic objects by hand using clay and traditional methods.

Her designs are minimal and versatile as well as timeless. Using red, off-white, or black clay with different glazes, she creates one of a kind tableware. Crafted by hand, each product has different textures and small imperfections or quirks. All of the designs give a nod to the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi. Her collection includes everything from bowls, plates, and cups to tea pots, incense plates, lamps, oil burners, and dog bowls. The products feature natural colors and beautiful textures. While they boast matte, granular surfaces on the exterior, they have lustrous glazes on the interior. Currently, every product is sold out, but fans of handmade ceramics can order an item by getting in touch with the artist. Photography© Alex Gabriels.

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